Our definition of live edge is showcasing the beauty of our hand picked slabs and burls.  We do this by only removing the bark, thereby leaving the natural edge of the wood, making each piece completely unique.

As a customer,  you will be able to pick your own unique live edge slab from our stock, to create your special one of a kind piece of furniture.

Steve, operating the sawmill below, tells the story of how the log on the sawmill becomes a live edge slab. As the live edge slabs are cut, the live edge slabs are stacked in order cut from the log,stickers are used between the slabs to allow air to flow in drying process , which will take approximately a year of outdoor drying.  A kiln, to dry the lived edge slab is the last process before the live edge slab is ready to make your unique item. No two slabs from the same log are the same.  Other sources are available to us if we are unable to find the right live edge slab for your one of a kind furniture piece.